Built by college students committed to supporting local businesses

We are a collection of college students passionate about entrepreneurship, with a vision of creating a platform that enables local businesses to connect to the members of their communities. It is our belief that if we can create a platform that fosters empathy, then we can truly create change on a small scale that can then catalyze greater change.

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The Daily Collegian

"The Yerli will expose members of the Amherst community to the variety of small businesses in the area and it will introduce people to some cool spots they may not have otherwise known about. This app will mutually benefit consumers and small businesses."

Our mission

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The team

Avi Benmayor

CEO, Co-founder

Kevin Cutinella

President, Co-founder

Liam Johnston

CTO, Co-founder

Zoé Ducroux


Joseph Casucci

Operational Manager

Edward Farber

Executive Coder

Arthur Beyer

Executive Coder

Kish Parikh

UX Design Lead

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